No..we didn’t give up drinking – at least not yet. But we RUMinate about it from time to time. At a dinner party last night, we leisurely enjoyed three drinks and four High Noons. While not legal yet, there have been some amazing results reported in FDA clinical trials, with many former drinkers reporting they have given up alcohol completely – with NO withdrawls, after being treated with Psychedelics.

So we are creating a guide called ‘The Alcoholics Guide to Psychedelics’ which will detail results from numerous clinical trials at NYU and other institutions, share testimonials from individuals who successfully gave up alcohol using Psychedelics, and report on the six leading companies currently in the clinical trial stage with the FDA to end alcoholism.

Below are discussions with two popular podcasters Chris Williamson and Rich Roll, with a combined 2.8 million subscribers, who quit. A third video video with Mark Haden from Clearmind Medicine, a company which is currently testing MEAI for the treatment of alcoholism. And finally an interview with John Costas who gave up a 20-a-day drinking habit, after participating in a Psilocybin clinical trial at NYU Langone Health in 2015 and has never looked back!

Chris Williamson, with 1.7 million subscribers went sober for 1000 days as a productivity experiment – here’s the biggest lessons he learned when he cut alcohol out of his life.

1000 Days Without Alcohol: Here’s What Happened

Rich Roll with 1.1 million subscribers, sat down with Andy Ramage, co-founder of One Year No Beer, to talk about creating a global alcohol-freedom movement and how giving up alcohol helped him unlock his full potential. If you find yourself stuck in a weekly drinking routine, falling short of your peak performance potential and well-being, then you’ll want to take a listen to this episode.

One Year, No Beer & Beyond With Andy Ramage | Rich Roll Podcast

In today’s episode of PsycBiz, James —the Psychedelic Investor— sits down with Mark Haden, VP of Business Development for Clearmind Medicine.

Clearmind is a next-gen psychedelics company working on treating addiction. Their main candidate is a next-gen psychedelic called MEAI. Currently, MEAI is being researched as a treatment for various forms of addiction, including Alcohol Use Disorder.

Reducing Alcohol Versus Abstinence

NBC News reports on how both Nicola D’Allessandro and John Costas gave up drinking after participating in a clinical trial at NYU Langone Health Center, after taking Psilocybin five years ago.

NBC News NYU Langone Psilocybin Clinical Trial

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The founders of the Apollo Pact were clinical participants in NYU & Johns Hopkins studies. John Kostos launched Apollo, the first patient advocacy organization founded by study participants, to raise awareness and funds of the science and research of psychedelic therapeutics. Prior, Jon was a news anchor and host of Quant Picks, then Chief of Staff to the Chairman & CEO of TheStreet.