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Some of our favorite educational stories on the effects of Psychedelics.

AUGUST 12, 2021, Wearable Psychedelics Could Soon Give Users Maximum Control Over Their Trip. Scientists are working on a pharmaceutical device to help give people the best possible experiences on DMT, LSD and psilocybin.

JULY 12, 2021. My personal experience with British Columbia’s mental health system was totally fucked and led me to find better alternatives

NOVEMBER 30, 2020. Promega Settles Lawsuit with Minority Shareholders.
Nathan F. Brand, Nathan S. Brand, and Ted Kellner, longtime shareholders of the company, sued both Promega and Bill Linton. #Usona, #Eppendorf AG

MAY 8, 2019. The extraordinary therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs, explained (VOX). I spent months talking to psychedelic guides and researchers. Here’s what I learned.

FEBRUARY 18, 2018. Scientists Studying Psychoactive Drugs Accidentally Proved the Self is an Illusion (Quartz)