Meet and Greet for Wonderland Miami Psychedelic Conference. November 10th.

Guests will enjoy cocktails, music, and plenty of networking with industry leaders in the psychedelics space.

Nucleus – a venture studio creating brands in the growing psychedelics industry which is wholly owned by venture capital firm Iter Investments co-founded by Dustin Robinson and Robert Velarde – is pleased to host a psychedelics happy hour mixer.

At this mixer, guests will enjoy cocktails, music, and networking with industry leaders in the psychedelics space. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with psychedelic venture capital funds, investors, executives, and more. This free event is open to the public, but will require an RSVP with confirmation, and attendance will be limited by capacity.

Date: Friday, November 10, 2022, 4:00-8:00

Location: Paraiso Estereo

Sponsors: Neuly, Iter Investments, The Mighty Shed, and Psychedelic Invest

*NOTE: The event will follow the Wonderland: Miami by Microdose conference taking place in Miami from Nov. 9 to Nov.11.*


Imagine Getting all of the Benefits of Psychedelics and not Hallucinating. Wait, What?

On WeFunder

When Approved, NeuroDirect™ Will be the Ultimate Psychedelic Experience.*

Imagine for just for a moment, you receive a prescription for Ketamine at a medical office. Then after your first visit, you’re able to self-apply a Ketamine lotion to your skin – topically, using just a small dab. Next imagine that you do not hallucinate on the Ketamine, and that you can re-apply it as needed, at home, or even the office. This makes telehealth when needed, a truly viable option when both medicine and counselling is needed.

Self application means less trips to the Doctor’s office, and no more intravenous (aka needle) treatment sessions, which can take hours. And the benefits are felt in minutes.

Can the experience get any better, we ask? We don’t think so..

  • *If approved, of course. Even though Ketamine has been already been approved by the FDA, using Ketamine via the NeuroDirect delivery system, still requires testing for safety and efficacy (does it work). While Johnson & Johnson’s nasally delivered version of Ketamine has proven to be popular, as have off-label intravenously delivered Ketamine treatments, this does not guarantee that topically delivered will be approved.

HOWEVER, if the clinical trials currently being conducted are anything near as good as the Observational Trials (OBS), it should (again no guarantees) be smooth sailing. More than 80% of patients in the OBS trial experienced relief within minutes of applying the NeuroDirect™ ketamine topical cream.

Patients noted discernible improvement in anxiety, depression, paranoia and unrealistic fear. Read more in the link below.

(Sales for Johnson & Johnson’s Ketamine called Spravato, hit $156 million in the second quarter alone of 2023. So it is indeed very popular.)

Observational Trials

Phase I Clinical Trials

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