“The only legitimate addiction interrupter capable of breaking a heroin, meth, opiate, or alcohol addiction in a single 12-hour session.”

Known as the “Psychedelic Concierge to The Stars,” Zappy Zapolin has teamed up with Universal Ibogaine (TSXV:IBO) to help bring this important substance to the masses.

Ibogaine is an African root considered the only legitimate addiction interrupter capable of breaking a heroin, meth, opiate, or alcohol addiction in a single 12-hour session.

Zappy has been advocating for Ibogaine since he had his own experience with the compound in 2015. As a documentary filmmaker, both of his films have featured Ibogaine and the role it can play in society.

His latest film, “Lamar Odom: Reborn,” follows the psychedelic intervention he conducted with Lamar, which involved bringing him to Mexico to receive ibogaine treatment from a doctor. The remarkable transformation is featured in the movie, as Lamar went from suffering 12 heart attacks and 6 strokes to returning to professional basketball. Lamar himself credits Ibogaine with this incredible transformation.

Zappy has been working to educate the government and the medical establishment about the benefits of Ibogaine in our battle against fentanyl. In 2017, he penned a full-page letter in The New York Times about using this powerful compound to disrupt the country’s growing opiate epidemic.

Zappy is convinced that Universal Ibogaine will be the company in Canada that brings this critical substance forward. Health Canada is moving quickly to combat the drug addiction epidemic, and Ibogaine will be an Important tool in the fight.

Most recently, he helped Jordan Belfort, the “Wolf of Wall Street,” receive his own Ibogaine treatment in Mexico, and Jordan has reported being free from opiates since the day of his Ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine is said to perform a physical and mental reset on individuals and wipe the prefrontal cortex, so patients have no cravings after their treatment. This window of sobriety allows many Ibogaine patients to change their lifestyle and live the rest of their life in sobriety.

Zapolin states that many people who are sober spend all day every day thinking about not using. To him, it makes more sense to have an Ibogaine treatment, not have to detox, and spend their time fighting the addiction.

Ibogaine has been used for thousands of years by the Bwiti tribe in Africa, who use it as a way to commune with their ancestors. Many people who’ve been treated with Ibogaine report significant experiences, including looking at difficult situations with family members and elders. In many cases, they report being able to connect with those who have passed away.

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