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Stressed Wall Street Execs Flock to Ketamine Therapy Sessions (NY Post)

Therapy’s a trip for these Wall Street executives. Wealthy stock traders are flocking to a Manhattan-based ketamine therapy practice that doles out the hallucinogenic drug in a lavish setting to...

Awakn Life Sciences (AWKNF) $0.30 Announces Signing of Lease for Second Clinic in Norway.

Trondheim in central Norway will be the location of Awakn's 4th clinic LIVE QUOTE Bargain Hunter's Paradise ?

Ehave, Inc. Announces its KetaDASH Mobile Unit Delivered to Miami Beach.

MIAMI, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ehave, Inc. (OTC Pink: EHVVF) (the “Company”), a leading healthcare services and technology company, announced today its KetaDASH subsidiary will accept delivery of...

Testimonial: The Ibogaine Clinic, Playa Del Carmen


Mycotopia Therapies (TPIA) $1.65, Issues CEO Letter to Stockholders, Reports on Significant Progress and Outlook for 2021

Mycotopia Therapies looking to unlock the full potential of psychedelic-derived medicines; Create Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for magic mushroom MIAMI, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mycotopia...

Mindcure (MCURF) and Awakn Life Sciences (AWKNF) Seek to Distribute Ketamine Protocol for Alcohol Use Disorder.

MINDCURE Signs LOI with Awakn Life Sciences to Distribute Ketamine Protocol for Alcohol Use Disorder into Clinics Across United States and Canada through iSTRYM, MINDCURE's Digital Therapeutics Platform

Ketamine Testimonials On Local Nashville and Miami News. Lamar Odom on Good Morning America.

News Channel 5 Nashville. Ketamine infusions are being used to treat patients with severe depression. The medicine is also a treatment for curb substance abuse addictions.

Pasithea Therapeutics (KTTA) Opens its First Ketamine Therapy Clinic in the United Kingdom

Pasithea Therapeutics recently raised $24 million at its initial public offering (“IPO”). The Company’s Common Stock began trading on The Nasdaq Capital Market on September 15, 2021, under the...
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